Information Technology services are essential to the success of every organization, large or small. With increasingly competitive business environments, CEOs and small business owners are under great pressure to maintain a highly qualified staff and to make sure their technology is obtaining a better ROI than their competitors’.

These goals are not easily achieved, particularly for young or small businesses with less financial resources and time available.  Having your own successful information technology department can eat up too much of the company’s budget and time resources, and eventually cause a loss of its competitive edge.  These disadvantages of maintaining an in-house IT department are why companies of all sizes have turned to using managed service providers to either assist their existing IT department or become their virtual IT department, handling all of the technology involved in keeping their businesses running at optimal levels.

The benefits of using a managed services solution are numerous, but the top 5 benefits of managed services for business include:

  1. Benefit from the expertise of a specialist, without having to spend time and financial resources training your staff to become experts.
  2. Decrease your technology risks. Your company doesn’t have to worry about losing and trying to replace trained staff members, or about repairing, implementing or replacing complex technology solutions.
  3. Enjoy access to the most up-to-date, sophisticated technology solutions without having to invest in expensive equipment.
  4. Experience ultimate control over your business technology without having to manage an information technology department.  This gives you the time you need to focus on what you do best: your business functions.
  5. Reduce stress and improve efficiency of your staff. When you make good use of managed service resources, your staff isn’t tied up with IT concerns and they have more time to focus on tasks that are productive for the business.

At AndersonPC we work hard to fill the needs of our clients and function as the companies in house department.  We work to become that trusted partner rather than just a vendor.  See below what some of our clients are saying about us.

“AndersonPC has been a great contributor to the success in upgrading and managing our IT needs. They make every effort contribute to our company as a business partner rather than just a supplier of services. We have a personal working relationship with each of their employees and time-tested confidence in their suggestions and recommendations in their areas of technical expertise. They just plain deliver!” 

 — Greg, CEO Engineering Company

“The Anderson team feels like just an extension of our business.  Everyone has been onsite at one time or another so you can put a face with the name.  With the help desk, email, and remote support it’s like having your own IT department down the hall but with better customer service and at lower costs.  I sleep good at night knowing Anderson is looking after our IT infrastructure so that we can focus on our core business.”

— Jim, CEO, National Power Distributor

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