If you’re having teething issues with Apple’s latest update, from battery issues to Bluetooth, you’re not the only one — but solutions exist.

Poor battery life
Battery life issues appears to be one of the main problems associated with an upgrade to Apple’s iOS 7.1. Some users say that after upgrading, iPhones and iPads use juice far more rapidly, and intense use can result in a drain of up to 50 percent in an hour. One Apple forum user said that battery life drops by 5 – 7 percent when on standby for over five hours.

The solution? In order to fix the problem, try putting your mobile device through several charge and re-charge cycles. Additionally, use Settings – General – Reset and perform a “soft” reset first: Reset All Settings, and if that doesn’t work, consider nuking everything via Erase All Content and Settings and reinstalling iOS 7.1 via iTunes.

If these fail, you may simply have to wait for a bug fix from Apple to arrive.