Yesterday morning Google announced plans to roll out a regional and possibly national project to bring up to 1 gigabit internet access to the home and office.  It’s hard to imagine internet speeds that quick but it is approximately 100 times faster than what you’re probably using to read this blog.  So what, you say?  Well, let’s think about what possibilities there are at 1Gb speeds vs. 10Mb speeds.

  • Movies.  One of the more obvious thoughts is music and movies.  Even now with Netflix you can stream a full length DVD movie through your PC, DVD player, or TV.  It would take less than 5 min to stream that same movie over 1 Gg.
  • Live Video.  Can you imagine being in virtual classroom that is full screen, live streaming complete with interactive conversations and no delay?  Thousands could be viewing the professors PowerPoint presentation while watching the professor live and interact with that professor.  While there is Skype (not great for more than 2 people talking with each other) and other multi-person video conferences today, bandwidth is one of their major obstacles.
  • Let’s talk business.  Google is working hard to deploy business level applications like GoogleApps.  If you now have a gigabit connection to that data, do I need a server at my office anymore?  Can I use any PC to work on and access my data?  One of the obstacles for cloud technologies is simply the speed of access.  This project seeks to eliminate that obstacle.
  • Telecommuters.  If my connection is the same at home as it is at the office, then why drive to the office to do what I can do at a home office.  This opens the doors to working and living in smaller communities that are limited to job growth due to locale.

All said, I’m excited about this project.  I think it will force local carriers to expand their services and stay competitive.  Any additional competition can only help advance the technology and create new and unique opportunities.

I, for one,  VOTE FOR LAS VEGAS  for a test site!

If you want to read the announcement you can find it here.  You can nominate your community here.