A great management concept I heard about a couple years back is the 212° Concept.

“At 211 degrees, water is hot.  At 212 degrees, it boils.  And with boiling water comes steam.  And steam can power a locomotive.  It’s that one extra degree, just one, that makes all the difference.  And so many times, it’s that one extra degree of effort in business, and in life, that separates the good from the great.”

In order for this concept to take shape at AndersonPC, we have to know where we stand.  Are we at 199 degrees or 211 degrees?  This makes an enormous difference when deciding where to focus our team’s efforts.  Our office has adopted another motto.


We follow that with what I call the 3 cardinal principals of business growth:

  1. Drive the Numbers Today
  2. Drive the Numbers Tomorrow
  3. Drive the Numbers Higher this Week.

After we develop a long term plan it’s important to “aim small miss small” (a popular quote used by our Helpdesk Manager).  If we focus on short term business growth, built around a long-term plan, long term business growth will take care of itself.

Develop a reporting metric tracking system that will allow for decision making ability based on data collected as accurately and timely as possible.

Give your team feedback on goal progress and achievement.  They are part of the process.  Everyone on the team must be held accountable and you do this through a ‘return and report’ workflow.  Each task accomplished must have a way of feeding back into the metric system and keeping the whole team on track.

Finally, numbers can often become cold and impersonal.  A team must find a way to keep the excitement of the goal and understand that the numbers represent individual efforts and accomplishments.  There must be rewards that focus on that understanding.

I think AndersonPC is getting ready to boil over.  Since 2007 we have been migrating our services from a Break/Fix model to the Managed Service Provider business model (See 5 Reasons to Implement a Managed IT Services Solution for details) and have spent the last several years fine-tuning that message and delivery.  We have accomplished much and have much more to improve on however, I believe our offering has matured significantly and brings value to each of our clients’  businesses.  It’s now time we step up that 1 extra degree.  Our new marketing efforts will show our commitment to expanding AndersonPC into a regionally recognized leader in Managed IT Services.

Paul Anderson
CEO, AndersonPC.com

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