Ol’2010 has already turned into an exciting and challenging year.

In 1970, the Sears Tower in Chicago, Illinois began construction.  For almost 2 years workers moved earth and dug down 100 feet to the bedrock below.  Some 2 million cubic feet of concrete went into the foundation to support the enormous structure.  It took 12,000 construction workers just short of another 2 years to complete the entire building.  Almost as much time and effort went into building the foundation as did the rest of the structure.  When completed, it was a 110-story building and the tallest of its time.

That’s how I feel about AndersonPC.  I’ve been building a foundation of people, processes and tools to get the foundation ready for what we plan to become.  Sometimes I feel like that construction worker filling concrete in the foundation.  Mud on my face, tired, stressed, working the hardest I ever have and can barely see the sun out of the hole I’ve dug for myself.  Other days however, I feel I’m sitting at the top of my tower and catch a glimpse of my company and teams’ potential and abilities.  That vision is inspiring.  It motivates me to push through the tough days and work towards loftier goals.

With the exciting challenges that 2010 has brought, I find myself struggling to keep a healthy balance between work, family, and personal time.  Here at AndersonPC we have grown beyond the transitional phase of a break-fix to Managed Service Provider.  We are slowly, but surely, becoming the mature pure-play MSP we strive to become.  However, we still have a long way to go.  The real question is how can I keep that vision and stay focused?

When I’m motivated I find myself putting in 15-18 hour days and being productive.  I then get burned out mid-way through the week or month.  The rest of the time is then powered by RockStars instead of a desire to achieve.

The great thing about this problem (if there is something great about it) is that I own it.  It’s not externally driven.  No one else can fix the problem.  I have to take the baton and run.  Realize a change is needed and do it.

So what’s the answer?  I believe, balance.  Here are some ways I believe I can achieve it.

  1. Slow down.  Create a schedule for myself that shows what I believe.  There are some things just worth the wait.  Building a great company just takes time.
  2. Delegate.  There are many cogs in the wheel and I don’t have to spin them all myself.
  3. Empower.  I have built a team at AndersonPC that is talented and capable.  Believe in their abilities to get the job done right.  After I delegate to them, make sure they have the tools and authority to accomplish their tasks.
  4. Life Is Not A Business.  I love business and this is my biggest challenge.  If it’s not related to work I often have to force myself to be interested.  Schedule time away from work that allows me to explore other opportunities that can enrich my life.
  5. Family First.  This really is the #1 spot but I wanted to emphasis its importance so I put it here.  It really draws a circle around everything else I do.  Why be accomplished or successful if I have no one to share it with.  My family and our goals should come above all.

Far too often we celebrate what some people have accomplished in so little a time.  What we never see is what they have sacrificed to get there.  Sometimes when they make it to the top, they realized the cost was too much.

It takes time to build something great. Be willing to wait for the good things in life. Allocate time to keep life in perspective put first things first.


Best Regards,Paul Anderson
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