Micrsoft Lync is a secure Instant Messaging system for your business.  It is a powerful collaboration tool, particularly for keeping remote employees and multiple offices in sync.

Try Lync Free for 60 Days! 

Existing and New AndersonPC customers can try Lync free for 60 days!  Contact us to add Lync to your existing AndersonPC Smart Cloud plan or to become an AndersonPC customer.



Lync is a business-class corporate messaging solution.

> Employees chat in real-time from anywhere.
> Eliminate email clutter with instant messages.
> Presence indicators show availability & status.
> Lync Integrates directly with Outlook and OWA.
> Conversations are encrypted & legally compliant.
> Lync client for computers, tablets & smart phones.
> Group Chat allows multiple people in one chat.
> Quickly send and receive files to coworkers.
> Added/removed employees update automatically.
> Conversations are saved in your Outlook.
> Integrates with AndersonPC’s Hosted PBX with Click-to-Call.
Outlook & Calendar Integration

Your Lync and Outlook will work hand-in-hand.  In addition to being able to manually set your status (to “Away”, “Available”), Lync will intelligently set your status based on what is in your Outlook calendar.

Lync will tell your coworkers that you are in a meeting for the next 30 minutes.  Or that you’re free, but only for the next 15 minutes.

In addition, all instant message conversations are automatically saved (recorded) in a folder in your Outlook, allowing you to review prior conversations.

Missed instant messages are automatically converted to an email and sent directly to your inbox.

Security & Compliancy

Lync is secure and compliant with nearly every third-party regulation (such as HIPAA and FINRA).  All communications in Lync are encrypted, making it safe and compliant to use from your local PC or even your Tablet or Smart Phone.

Add Lync Enterprise for even more features!

For more sophisticated communication consider Lync Enterprise.  Features include:

> Voice and Video Chat.
> Screen sharing between attendees.
> Lync Integrates directly with Outlook and OWA.
> Virtual whiteboard functionality.
> Schedule online meetings & conferences.