I’ve been negligent and not posting articles lately.  Much of that is a reflection of how busy we have been here at AndersonPC.  It has been a very exciting summer and 2010 looks to be a record setting year for growth.  We are in the process of moving our offices and doubling our space.  We’ve hired and expect a couple more new positions to open by years end.

To what do I attribute this growth, you ask?  Here are a few thoughts.

    • Outsourcing Saves Money:  In most cases, our newer clients are those that have downsized dramatically (our most recent was from 1100 employees to currently 80) over the last couple of years and no longer have a need for in house IT departments.  The are looking to outsource that department in an effort to save hard earned money.  AndersonPC has been able to save companies 30-60% of what they were spending with their in-house staff.  We are also able to expand the services they were receiving.


    • If They Can’t Find You They Can’t Hire You:  More and more companies turn to the web and particulary gooogle.com to find what they need.  Its important to constantly work on SEO and PPC campaigns.  AndersonPC has seen great success this year with search engine marketing.  It accounts for approximately 50% of our new business opportunites.


    • On Boarding Will Kill You If You Let It:  The on-boarding process is the first impression you make with a new client.  Do it wrong and it can set the wrong tone for the entire engagement.  Do be afraid of standing your ground and making sure the process runs smoothly.  The first 90 days should include a lot of  ‘touch’ points.  Lots of follow-up, over-communicate, stress documentation and complete roll-out before moving on to the next client.  It costs a lot to get a new client, don’t waste the investment by moving through on-boarding too quickly.


    • Process, Process, Process:  As AndersonPC has grown we have been increasingly aware of how important it is to have documented processes.  Each new hire needs to see how you want each process handled.  Why make the same decisions over and over again on how best to roll-out a new server or services?  Make it once, document, train, and deploy.  Tweak as needed.


    • Manage The Numbers:  A friend of mine is a Dentist.  We recently spoke and, as often does, our discussion moved to how business is going for each other.  He mentioned he hasn’t seen a P&L (Profit & Loss) statement this year.  He assumes he made money if there is cash left in the bank at the end of paying his bills.  While that may be true there is so much to gain from reviewing everything about your business that you can calculate.  Manage the numbers today, manage the numbers this week, manage the numbers this month.


  • Set Goals:  Without goals, you’re adrift.  Floating on the waves going whichever way they take you.  Know what you want out of your business and make goals that will take you there.  Make S.M.A.R.T goals.  If you start with the larger goals then work back to daily tasks its a lot easier to meet those goals.  Our HelpDesk manager often says, “Aim Small, Miss Small”.  That holds true, focus on todays numbers and goals and you’ll reach what you are after.


While none of these are great secrets to any of you reading this, I think it’s important to review what works.  Learn to build processes, make a good first impression through good on-boarding, manage your numbers, make it easy for people to find you and your services, and set SMART goals.  Its time for a middle of the year review.  Take stock in what you’ve accomplished and reset for the remainder of the year.

Good Luck.