Terms & Conditions of the Network Assessment Audit offer:

  • One free Network Assessment Audit per calendar year, per company
  • If company has multiples sites, a single site must be selected for the Network Assessment Audit
  • Free Network Assessment Audit offer is restricted to locations in the Las Vegas Valley
  • Technician on-site time for the purpose of performing the Network Assessment Audit will be limited to two hours.
  • Network Assessment Audits must be scheduled during regular business hours (Monday-Friday. 8am to 5pm). Scheduling of the Network Assessment Audit will be at the discretion of AndersonPC
  • If the selected site has less than 10 desktops/laptops and at least 1 server then, at the discretion of AndersonPC, the offer may be rescinded.
  • Free network Assessment audits will require access to client’s systems & servers, loggged in as a domain (no username or passwords need to be provided), and the running of network scanning/assessment software.  Any installed software will be removed prior to completion of the Assessment Audit.
  • AndersonPC reserves the right to decline the provision of a Free Network Assessment Audit at its own discretion.